November 2007 Newsletter

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About Adepts


This following quotation is taken from Hints on Esoteric Theosophy by A. O. Hume. It is an extract from a letter a Master wrote to Mr. A. O. Hume. This letter is not found amongst the compilation of letters published in The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett and Letters from the Master of the Wisdom, Series I & II


“We are not Gods; we are men like yourselves, a little wiser perhaps in some things, but less acquainted with the ways of the world. By a course of training, involving suppression of the outward and physical, and if you will, worldly sensations and desires, and a concentration of our entire energy on the inner self and things spiritual, we have mastered, some of us more, some less, the secrets of the working of those intangible invisible powers, of which the physical or manifested universe is the visible outcome—a scum as it were floating on the surface of [to the physical eye] an absolutely transparent and colourless, and therefore unrealizable ocean. We have succeeded in withdrawing our gaze from this glamour-shrouded scum, and in looking down into the clear depths, we have ascertained to a great extent the course and causes of the currents ever thrilling through that ocean, and ever agitating the scum that floats upon its surface. Nay, we have learnt how to a small extent to guide and direct minor branches of these currents, and so produce effects in the visible world, incomprehensible by, and, unless actually witnessed, incredible to the untaught man.


“But we are neither infallible nor omnipotent; we are not perhaps even wholly free from prejudices, from likes and dislikes, and other similar worldly follies.


“Many of us certainly still love our country and our countrymen better than other countries and people of other nationalities. We are less liable to error than you in any important matter, because where we take the trouble to investigate, we can calculate with certainty almost every factor involved in the equation (and every event, great or little, remember is one side of an equation), whereas to you half the factors, and those the most potent—we mean those pertaining to the unseen universe—are unknown while even of those appreciable to your unvivified senses, the majority are still incalculable. But for all that, even with the utmost care, there are cases in which we may be at fault, and in the majority of matters, not of sufficient importance to justify the employment of the time necessary for the investigation, in which we form opinions in the ordinary method and on the data patent to all, we are only less liable to err than yourselves, because not liable to be influenced by worldly passions and desires.


“We are not omnipotent—nay, we are as nothing before the mighty tide of cosmic powers. We can do things to you inexplicable, miraculous, but they are but as the moving of a single mote floating in a wandering sunbeam. Our lives are spent in endeavouring to benefit mankind, but it is only to a limited extent that we can influence the tide of human affairs. As well might one weak human arm seek to stay the rushing waters of the mighty Ganges in flood, as we feeble band of Adepts to stem the resistless stream of cosmic impulses. All we can do is, by some groin here, some few hurdles there, somewhat to alter the set of the current, and so avert, here and there, catastrophes that we see impending; or, again, by tiny canals, here and there, to lead off minute portions of the stream to fertilise tracts that, but for our efforts, would have remained deserts. You have asked how it is that, if this be so, the world knows nothing of us and our deeds? Like Nature, in harmony with whose laws and inherent attributes all our operations are carried on, we work in silence and in secret. Like Nature unthanked and unknown, our work must ever be. All earthly rewards for our work—name, fame, ‘the applause of wondering senates’—are to us, like the rest of this world’s toys, mere illusions, powerless even to please those who have once looked behind them into the eternal truths above which they float; ‘for,’ as your great apostle, himself an Initiate, grandly said: ‘the things that are seen are transitory, but the things that are unseen are eternal.’ And well for us that it is so, since our records afford too many instances of men, well on the upward path we tread, who, their feet caught in these very snares, have fallen, irrevocably, as regard this life.”



Indo-Pacific Conference



The Indo-Pacific Federation of the Theosophical Society comprising the countries of Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand, will be holding its 10th Triennial Conference in the Philippines from November 2 to 4, 2007. The venue is Innotech SEAMEO which is in the centre of Quezon City near the University of the Philippines and City Hall. In the words of N. Sri Ram.


At such gatherings as this, we are helped to realize more of the very essence of Theosophy than perhaps we have done hitherto. I feel that an important part of the work of the Theosophical Society is being accomplished through its conventions and conferences, which are not just occasions for talking and listening. That is a purely superficial and outward interpretation of what actually takes place. We are here in order to create an atmosphere, to set forces in action, to change ourselves, to enter with our whole hearts into the truths of the Divine Wisdom


25 delegates from the Singapore Lodge Theosophical Society will be attending this triennial conference in the Philippines.



The Founding of The Theosophical Society



The Theosophical Society was founded 132 years ago in New York on November 17, 1875 by Madame H. P. Blavatsky and Col. H. S. Olcott. These founders are often referred to within the theosophical circles as the ‘outer’ founders. It is a commonly known fact that the TS was, in fact, founded through the initiative and instigation of two adept Masters, who are referred to as the ‘inner’ founders. The ‘inner’ founders are reverently known as the Master M. and the Master K. H., the former being the Master of H. P. B., Col. Olcott, T. Subba Row and Annie Besant; and the latter the Master of Damodar, C.W.L. and Geoffrey Hodson. Furthermore, the Master K. H. is well-known as the main correspondent of A. P. Sinnett in The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett. Students of theosophy also understand that the Master M. and the Master K. H. are also the Heads of the First and Second Rays, respectively. What may not be so well known is the fact that several other equally lofty beings also took an active interest in the formation of the TS. In the early years, before and after the founding of the TS, the ‘outer’ founders were guided and taught by various adepts. From what we could glean from the recorded history of the Society, the founders and early leaders were blessed with the guidance of the Venetian Master, Head of the Third Ray, the Master Serapis, Head of the Fourth Ray, the Master Hilarion, Head of the Fifth Ray, the Master Jesus, Head of the Sixth Ray and also the Master Rakoczy, Head of the Seventh Ray. In other words, at some time or other, all the Chohans of the Seven Rays played a part in the founding and guiding of the TS. Even more marvellous is the fact that the Mahachohan Himself took a personal interest in the TS during its infancy. Students of the Mahatma Letters will remember that the two Masters often referred to Their ‘Chief’ or The Chohan. Indeed, the Mahachohan once transmitted a wonderfully inspiring message to the world containing these words.


“The doctrine we promulgate being the only true one, must, supported by such evidence as we are preparing to give become ultimately triumphant as every other truth. Yet it is absolutely necessary to inculcate it gradually enforcing its theories, unimpeachable facts for those who know, with direct inferences deducted from and corroborated by the evidence furnished by modern exact science….”


“For our doctrines to practically react on the so called moral code or the ideas of truthfulness, purity, self-denial, charity, etc., we have to preach and popularise a knowledge of theosophy. It is not the individual and determined purpose of attaining oneself Nirvana (the culmination of all knowledge and absolute wisdom) which is, after all only an exalted and glorious selfishness, but the self-sacrificing pursuit of the best means to lead on the right path our neighbour, to cause as many of our fellow creatures as we possibly can to benefit by it, which constitutes the true Theosophist….”


“...the Theosophical Society was chosen as the corner stone, the foundation of the future religions of humanity….”


Has the importance of the TS not sunk in? Is it not providential that we come to be members of The Theosophical Society?



Foundation Day Celebration


We shall be celebrating the 132nd anniversary of the founding of The Theosophical Society on Saturday, November 17 at 5 p.m. at the lodge. Let us rejoice together. Please take note of this important date in your diary and try to attend as we join the rest of the theosophical world in observing this significant occasion.


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