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The following articles are reproduced from the October 2021 Newsletter to members. Non-members may or may not be able to relate to the contents.


Words of Wisdom


“True, we have our schools and teachers, our neophytes and shaberons (superior adepts), and the door is always opened to the right man who knocks. And we invariably welcome the new comer; only, instead of going over to him he has to come to us. More than that; unless he has reached that point in the path of occultism from which return is impossible, by his having irrevocably pledged himself to our association, we never — except in cases of utmost moment — visit him or even cross the threshold of his door in visible appearance.

Is any of you so eager for knowledge and the beneficent powers it confers as to be ready to leave your world and come into ours? Then let him come; but he must not think to return until the seal of the mysteries has locked his lips even against the chances of his own weakness or indiscretion. Let him come by all means, as the pupil to the master, and without conditions; or let him wait, as so many others have, and be satisfied with such crumbs of knowledge as may fall in his way.”

A Master of the Wisdom


Glimpses of the Occult World


One of the most significant early books that introduces theosophy to the West is “The Occult World” by A. P. Sinnett, which was first published in June 1881. Indeed, many of the best minds during the last quarter of the 19th Century joined the Society as a direct result of the influence of Mr. Sinnett and his writings. Amongst those so influenced was C. W. Leadbeater who went on to become not only one of the most illustrious leaders of the Theosophical Society but also one of the greatest occultists of the 20th century.


Mr. Sinnett began “The Occult World” with the following statement:


“There is a school of philosophy still in existence of which modern culture has lost sight. Glimpses of it are discernible in the ancient philosophies with which all educated men are familiar, but these are hardly more intelligible than fragments of forgotten sculpture—less so, for we comprehend the human form, and can give imaginary limbs to a torso; but we can give no imaginary meaning to the hints coming down to us from Plato or Pythagoras, pointing, for those who hold the clue to their significance, to the secret knowledge of the ancient world. Sidelights, nevertheless, may enable us to decipher such language, and a very rich intellectual reward offers itself to persons who are willing to attempt the investigation.


For, strange as the statement will appear at first sight, modern metaphysics, and to a large extent modern physical science, have been groping for centuries blindly after knowledge which occult philosophy has enjoyed in full measure all the while. Owing to a train of fortunate circumstances, I have come to know that this is the case; I have come into some contact with persons who are heirs of a greater knowledge concerning the mysteries of Nature and humanity than modern culture has yet evolved; and my present wish is to sketch the outlines of this knowledge, to record with exactitude the experimental proofs I have obtained that occult science invests its adepts with a control of natural forces superior to that enjoyed by physicists of the ordinary type, and the grounds there are for bestowing the most respectful consideration on the theories entertained by occult science concerning the constitution and destinies of the human soul. Of course people in the present day will be slow to believe that any knowledge worth considering can be found outside the bright focus of European culture. Modern science has accomplished grand results by the open method of investigation, and is very impatient of the theory that persons who ever attained to real knowledge, either in sciences or metaphysics, could have been content to hide their light under a bushel. So the tendency has been to conceive that occult philosophers of old - Egyptian priests, Chaldean Magi, Essenes, Gnostics, theurgic Neo-Platonists, and the rest-who kept their knowledge secret, must have adopted that policy to conceal the fact that they knew very little. Mystery can only have been loved by charlatans who wished to mystify. The conclusion is pardonable from the modern point of view, but it has given rise to an impression in the popular mind that the ancient mystics have actually been turned inside out, and found to know very little. This impression is absolutely erroneous. Men of science in former ages worked in secret, and in stead of publishing their discoveries, taught them in secret to carefully selected pupils. Their motives for adopting that policy are readily intelligible, even if the merits of the policy may seem still open to discussion. At all events, their teaching has not been forgotten; it has been transmitted by secret initiation to men of our own time, and while its methods and its practical achievements remain secrets in their hands, it is open to any patient and earnest student of the question to satisfy himself that these methods are of supreme efficacy, and these achievements far more admirable than any yet standing to the credit of modern science.”


An alluring revelation found in Mr. Sinnett’s writings is the existence of the Adepts, variously referred to as the Brothers, Mahatmas or Masters of the Wisdom. For the earnest students and devoted members of the Theosophical Society, the existence of the Masters of the Wisdom is an undeniable fact and also an immense source of inspiration. Not only do they know that such Perfected Men exist, the earnest students also hold Them as the highest authority on theosophical teachings. Indeed, the Theosophical Society would not be founded if not for the Great Ones! Substantial evidence is available for the benefit of those who need convincing.


Starting this month we shall conduct a series of talks under the title of “Glimpses of the Occult World” so as to know a little more of the Great Ones. We shall attempt to know a little of the whereabouts, the lives and the work of the Adepts. We shall follow some of the events leading to the appearance of the lofty beings in the outer world and the communications They had with some members of the Theosophical Society. In the process we will inevitably be awed by some of the wonderful phenomena that invariably accompany Their appearance or communications. Above all, we will be inspired by Their great compassion and the wonderful teachings They have given out to the world. And, we may ask, are They still around?


We have a special treat for members on 30 October 2021 at 4 p.m. when we have our inaugural session. We shall let Bishop C. W. Leadbeater introduce “The Great White Lodge” to us, in his own voice. This is a rare recording of CWL done in 1932, two years before he left the physical plane. Having read many of his books, I am sure you would like to hear what he sounds like. Consider this a rare privilege as few still living have ever heard his voice.



The Hierarchy of Earth’s Adepts



Geoffrey Hodson was invited to conduct a seminar for three months from September to November 1977 at Krotona in Ojai, California. It would be a significant trip. Geoffrey was close to 92 years old but he had the blessings of his Masters to make the trip. Indeed, his Masters told him, “You are needed there and could contribute much. The central need is for Krotona residents to wholly regard it as a consecrated place and therefore an Occult Centre. Krotona needs vitalizing into an active Occult Centre. If you go, that is your message. When you go, deliver it.”


On completion of his visit, one of his Masters told him, “This visit of yours has actually exceeded our expectations, and the gratitude of the Adept Head of Krotona and ourselves is fully conveyed to you both. The lectures have met a great and definite need here and in the valley, whilst the tapes and videotapes will prove helpful elsewhere in the world, as also in the land of your present home, of course. You might usefully have selected tapes sent to your active friends and Lodges overseas. The Life after Death tape might also be sent abroad.”


One of these lectures was “The Hierarchy of Earth’s Adepts” which Geoffrey Hodson gave on 8 October 1977. On the eve of his lecture, his Master communicated with him, saying:


“I will be with you tomorrow for the special tape recording which is quite important for the Theosophical Society, yourself, and the public which will hear widely and realistically a lecture on ourselves. Your quotations from H.P. Blavatsky and Sir Edwin Arnold at the end will be very impressive, as also will the one from Master Kuthumi which, by the by, may well be repeated rather slowly a second time.


Yes, begin with the reference to the hesitation which Christians may feel about accepting the Theosophical teaching of other Adepts besides the Lord Christ. That will surely be your most suitable opening remark and have the effect of taking your audiences with you, being Christian yourself.”


With the background in mind, what better prelude to Glimpses of The Occult World then to watch the video recording of The Hierarchy of Earth's Adepts on Saturday, 2 October 2021, at 4:30pm.




Homes of The Masters



The homes of the Masters are described in considerable details in the writings of C. W. Leadbeater, in particular those of the two Adepts who are the Inner Founders of The Theosophical Society. They are said to be located in a ravine or valley somewhere in Tibet. It would appear that CWL was not the only occultist familiar with the Masters’ abode. Geoffrey Hodson often chronicled his visits to the homes of the Masters. As recently as 1976, Geoffrey Hodson recalled “I vividly remember an interview with the Master M. I saw the scenery portrayed by Master DK in the picture of the Valley in Tibet where the Masters M and KH have Their dwellings.” In November 1977, his Master remarked, “Of course, we are both here in our same bodies, our same homes , and - although greatly extended - our same work . . . ”


His Master once said to Geoffrey Hodson, “We live not only in houses with rooms, tables, chairs . . . but in what you might further care to describe as ‘placelessness’ or beyond the limitations of space. In fact, this planet, earth, is only our bodily abiding place. Otherwise, at the full Fifth Initiation one becomes Cosmic as far as consciousness is concerned. If we have bodies, we must have homes and do so, but our real lives are relatively bodiless and so virtually if not wholly at first, limitless . . . ”


Be it as it may, the Master says, “None, no one, can see, find, visit either ourselves or our retreats against our wills, which are totally predominant in this matter of our personal lives.


Similarly, no one flying over, travelling, or wandering upon the Gobi Desert can see the remains of the buildings of what was once the Great White Island in the Gobi Sea. This intrusion, my son, into our personal privacy and that of the Government of the Brotherhood as a whole, is forbidden and with such potency that the greatest of the inventions of scientists of today and tomorrow cannot enable one single person to enter our realms against our wishes.


This is the only claim we make - that of uninvadable privacy. Even our disciples and fellow Initiates, up to a certain Degree, who do visit us, can never do so, can never find us and our retreats again unless we permit.”



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