March 2004 Newsletter

The following articles are reproduced from the March 2004 Newsletter to members. Non-members may or may not be able to relate to the contents.

About Masters and Their Ashrams

Belief in the existence of the Masters of the Wisdom is not a requirement of membership of the TS. Acceptance and tacit approval of the Three Objects are the only requirements for one to be a member of The Theosophical Society.

Although the TS does not enforce the belief in the existence of specific Masters, one of its basic tenets on human evolution teaches us that man can attain a state of glory far beyond that of the ordinary man—to become the Perfected Man, the Adept. We understand that the Adept is the efflorescence of His age, and comparatively few ever appear in a single century. Some of these Adepts are known to us as Masters as They are indeed the Adept-Teachers of some of the early members of the Society. We learn about the Masters mainly through the writings of H. P. Blavatsky, H. S. Olcott, A. P. Sinnett, C. W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant and other early members who were so privileged to have direct knowledge or communications from the Master. To remind ourselves of this rare efflorescence of a generation of enquirers, we traditionally give an annual talk, in January, on The Occult Hierarchy. This year, in February, we also screened a video recording of the talk Geoffrey Hodson gave on October 8, 1977 in Krotona on The Hierarchy of Earth’s Adepts and also a rare voice recording by C. W. Leadbeater on The Great White Lodge.

Since the early days of the founding of the Society in 1875, members have not ceased to be fascinated by stories of the Masters. Those who have studied the early history of the Society could not help but feel inspired by the experiences of the early members of Society who had the wonderful privilege of receiving direct communications from the Masters of the Wisdom. Many often wonder if there has been any direct communication from the Great Ones in recent times. The common questions in most people’s minds are: Are the Masters still around? Have They been in contact with anyone recently? Are they still using the same physical bodies? Are they still residing in the locations previously described. In this modern day and age, with technological advancements, could They maintain Their privacy? Could Their ashrams be detected through aerial/satellite surveillance, and so forth. Many of these questions are answered by reading the Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson. Of course, this will mean that we would have to accept the veracity of Geoffrey Hodson’s words. Then again, we have no reason to doubt the words of a faithful servant of the Masters who spent 70 years of his life as an indefatigable worker in the Theosophical Society. Here are some entries in Geoffrey Hodson’s occult diary which answer some of the questions posed.

14 September 1971         Krotona, Ojai, California, U.S.A.

Master Kuthumi 

Yes, I am in the same body and expect to be so for at least a hundred years and more. Some of Our Shaberons have bodies which are over five hundred years old and perfectly efficient. The Adept, you know, has discovered and partaken of the Elixir of Life.

Try, as you are doing, to preserve your own body as long as you can, useful as it is both to Us and to yourself. For it is a humanity and Adept-serving body . . .

22 May 1977, Onerahi, Northland

Master Morya

 At private meetings, wherever held, endeavour to make Ourselves once more a living reality, as indeed you valuably have done. If you like, describe My room and even refer to the existence of My library, with rolls and The Scroll, using your best judgement always.

Describe My Brother’s long room with the window along one side and the two smaller rooms off on the other side, with a third at the far end and the entrance door at the other end, as pictured by C.W.L.

Tell also, if you wish, of your experience in the partially underground crypt and other parts used by the Brotherhood of Luxor at Thebes, and even of your vision there of the long procession of the monarchs . . .

Then tell of that ruined castle and adjoining house where once you saw Master Rakoczy emerging and, on other occasions, in the castle itself. He receives visitors there. Describe Him and His wonderful eyes and powers, perhaps using Sandra’s notes from your descriptions of visits and presentations.

Whilst making no personal claim, it will be reasonably obvious that you will convey realism, which is Our wish, concerning Ourselves, which is, not unnaturally, tending to be lost.

 [Geoffrey asked the Master how They, the Adepts, preserve the privacy of Their homes and Themselves, even against aerial photography. The Master answered at once:]

By a deflection of light, just as when a qualified yogi makes himself, or herself, invisible as did H.P.B. If possible, find and quote that passage. In addition, whenever the projected result is worthy, meaning “white” in the occult sense, then also, the consciousness of observers can be influenced so that they see, hear, and feel as decided upon by the yogi—always for the benefit of the Work, remember.

The Altyn Tagh Retreat is similarly preserved, as also are all Our Retreats throughout the world and by the same methods will continue so to be preserved; likewise, the physical bodies of certain of Us Who—again for the sake of the work—are enabled to maintain them in a state of efficiency, and by the processes referred to—the deflection of light, etc.—to prevent even the slightest intrusions upon Our personalities at any time.

Needless to say, a physical appearance to a collaborator, as once to yourself, is always both possible and permissible. Thus, Our Valley is still Ours and undisturbed as you have experienced many times, and this also will continue as long as needed, whether by Ourselves or by Our successors.

Speak thus, in an easy manner, of all things in order to bring back the reality to our members of Our continued existence and function.

We still inspire members—particularly workers in important movements, writers, and speakers—causing ideas to arise in their minds which are in harmony with the Theosophical Plan.

Yes, refresh E.S. and members’ minds about the Ancient Mysteries, speak of their more or less public manifestations down the ages and in the modern movements of which you are aware, assuring that this—the Mystery Tradition—will never be allowed to be effaced from the earth, always being available to those likely to respond to the Mysteries in their WHITE form only.

I wish you at your leisure to pick out from early Theosophical literature, references to My personal appearances and known activities, perhaps putting them together in both article and E.S. talk forms for magazines and members. The same could be done concerning My Brother Kuthumi more particularly, including references to the appearances and work of other Adepts.

This is all designed to reawaken in the members’ minds and to bring realism about Us, the fact of Our existence, not only at the founding [of the Theosophical Society], but continually and ever continuously . . .

You are valuably gathering around yourself potentially very useful co-workers and workers for the future—a most useful activity.

21 November 1977,  Krotona, Ojai, California

Master Morya

 Of course, We are both here in Our same bodies, Our same homes, and—although greatly extended—Our same work . . .


About December 1978  Auckland

Master Kuthumi

Indicate—as you intend—Our continued existence and interest in the Theosophical Society and, if time, touch on the fact that the possibility of becoming one of Our disciples still exists and, if necessary and wise, repeat as the method the permissible “Golden Stairs” by H.P.B.

Include in your talk the visit to Colonel Olcott in New York and the leaving behind of the turban. This story might be helpful.

A great co-operatively active Brotherhood of Masters of the Wisdom does definitely exist upon our earth, whilst over it presides its great “Head”, reverently referred to as the Great Lord of the World, amongst other titles. Then, if there is time, just state the major Adeptic Centres, including Luxor, and those of Hungary, Tibet, and the Brotherhood of Yucatan.

22 July 1979  Eastern Beach, Auckland

[Geoffrey was wondering how the Masters can remain undiscovered in this modern world of aeroplanes and modern aerial cameras and equipment used for scanning terrain and mountainous areas.]

 During the morning, the Master Morya, whilst clearly towering above me, kindly, even humorously, communicated to me as follows: “The Adepts have powers of which you little dream. They can make a group of homes appear like a bare landscape.”

...I was taken to the window of the Master’s house and onto the balcony from which I beheld the same view that had been pointed out to me by the Master Djwal Kul. The Master Morya then said, “Far to the north, in certain mountains, there are Adept Ashrams, kept very private indeed, except from fellow Adepts.”

1 December 1979  Auckland

The Master Tuitit Bey of the Brotherhood of Luxor

 Yes, Our headquarters is near where you tend to think it is, but totally and occultly concealed from the eyes of the world.

We are able to conceal Our Centres by means of a mayavic veil drawn over them.

The last entry in Geoffrey Hodson’s occult diary was made on 16 January, 1983. He passed away on 23 January 1983, one and a half months before his 97th birthday. It is the Masters’ wish that his Occult Diary be published for the benefit of aspirants.

Although belief in the existence of the Masters is not a condition for TS membership, it would be true to say that most members believe the Masters are the real authorities behind the theosophical teachings. One just cannot conceive of The Theosophical Society without the past and continued guidance of the Masters.


Indo-Pacific Conference

As you know, the next triennial Indo-Pacific Conference of the Theosophical Society will be held in Singapore from 5th to 7th November, 2004. We will be playing host to an estimated 100 or more theosophists from the Indo-Pacific region which includes the Indian sub-continent, Far East and East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The theme of the conference is “Working Together for Theosophy” which will be explored through workshops, panel discussions and talks. The Guest of Honour is our International President, Sis. Radha Burnier. The tentative programme for the 3-day conference includes workshops on (i) What is the Essential Work of the TS? , (ii) How to Strengthen TS Work in the Indo-Pacific Region? and (iii) Daily Life in the Light of Theosophy. Also planned is a Indo-Pacific TS Workers Forum on How can we help to strengthen TS work in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Bangladesh, Korea and other areas within the Federation? The Guest of Honour will give a talk on “Life is Relationship”. Other proposed talks include “Solidarity in Theosophical Work” and “Study, Meditation and Service”. Also planned is a session on Non-English Theosophical Literature in the Indo-Pacific Region: Needs and Priorities.  There will be a PowerPoint presentation on “Theosophical Teachings” given by Dr. K. V. K. Nehru from India. The conference will be wrapped up in a discussion on “How Can Theosophy Become  a Living Force in One’s Life ?”

The conference will be held at RELC in Orange Grove Road, where our international visitors will be staying. We will be using the RELC theatre/auditorium which has a seating capacity of 489 for the conference. The conference fees, inclusive of full conference participation, lunch and two coffee breaks for each of the three days is $170 per member. There is an optional dinner on the first night with the international visitors at $30 per head. In other words, the total cost per member is $200 with dinner or $170 without dinner. Please confirm your intention to participate in the Indo-Pacific Conference by completing and returning the enclosed registration form. Payment may be made on a later date, to be advised.


Monthly Weekday Meeting

88 members responded to the survey of the preferred day of the week. We have tabulated the results and the favourite day and time is Tuesday, 7 p.m. (Results: Day—Monday 30, Tuesday 40, Wednesday 36, Thursday 31, Friday 34; Time—7 pm 48, 7:30 pm 39, 8 pm 18). We shall meet every second Tuesday of the month. Our inaugural monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, 9 March 2004 at 7 p.m. when we will have Q&A and free discussion. For those of you who could not make the Saturday meetings, don’t miss this monthly meeting, especially organized with you in mind.

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