2004 April Programme

3rd April, 2004 3 p.m.*

Study ClassóLight on the Path

  5 p.m.

Interpretations of the Life and Teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ

A 1977 51 min. video recording of a lecture given by renowned seer and theosophist, Mr. Geoffrey Hodson, on esoteric interpretation of Christ and his teachings.

10th April, 2004 3 p.m.*

Study ClassóLight on the Path

  5 p.m.*

The Christian Creed

Chong Sanne talks on the Apostlesí, Nicene and Athanasian Creeds based on theosophical knowledge. This is more of a theosophical lecture than a religious programme as the origin of the Christian Creed includes an ancient formula of cosmogenesis which will be discussed.


13th April, 2004

7 p.m.*

(Monthly Weekday Meeting)
Q & A and Free Discussion

This is our monthly weekday meeting. The Lodge will be open for a question and answer session and free discussion, with Chong Sanne as the moderator.

17th April, 2004 5 p.m.

  Lent, Easter & the Doctrines of the Resurrection & Ascension

This talk by Sis. Gertrude Weerekoon will look at Resurrection in relation to the Mystery Schools inner teaching.

24th April, 2004 3 p.m.*

Study ClassóLight on the Path

  5 p.m.

Katha Upanishad

Bro. N. C. Raghava, our Hon. Treasurer, continues his talk on the Upanishads with an overview of Katha Upanishad. This talk was originally scheduled last month.

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