2021 August Programme


COVID-19 Precautionary Measure

All programmes are restricted to members only until further notice

Intending attendees must pre-book seats using QTix for admission - max 40 persons


7 August 2021  4:30 p.m.

The Elementals

A talk by our Vice President, Tang Kwok Choon. He says:


“Let’s start at the very beginning—The Elementals. We’ll look at their evolution; their contribution to the evolution of any one Chain; and the work of specially evolved members in the evolution of Humans.”


14 August 2021  4:30 p.m.

A Course in Esoteric Cosmology

Module 9 — The Manifest Logos


Our Assistant Secretary, Brandon Goh, continues A Course in Esoteric Cosmology with Module 9 on The Manifest Logos.


"We now come to the manifested divinity of a solar system. The highest divinity, the greatest god, creator or emanator of the universe that we can imagine, will fall infinitely short of a true conception. Nonetheless, the foundation that we have laid in the preceding modules gives us a true sense of the profundity and immensity of this being which devotees call Godhead, Brahman, supreme being or demiurge, precluding the possibility of naive anthropomorphic, unphilosophical and unscientific conceptions."


21 August 2021   

Lodge Closed


Lodge is closed to allow members to enjoy the National Day Parade (NDP).


28 August 2021 4 p.m.*


Chong Sanne talks about the different types of dreams, including prophetic, symbolical and allegorical dreams. The states of the physical and etheric brains when the man is asleep will be discussed, including man’s astral activities. And the question of “Do Adepts dream?”. This talk was last given five years ago in July 2016. Note change in time.


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