2007 January Programme

6th January 2007 5 p.m.*

Nature of Psychic Abilities

A annual talk by Chong Sanne on psychic abilities including various levels of clairvoyance and how to tell true occultists from charlatans.


13th January 2007 4 p.m.*

The Occult Hierarchy

A glimpse into the Inner Government of the World. An insight into Initiations and the Pathway to Perfection. An annual talk by Chong Sanne. Note start time.

20th January 2007 5 p.m.*

118th Anniversary Celebration

This is one of our most important days in our calendar. This year we shall be celebrating our 118th anniversary. We shall take this opportunity to remind ourselves of The Purpose of the Theosophical Society. Do come and join the merriment and rejoice together .

Diplomas of Fellowship will also be presented to the new members.


27th January 2007 5 p.m.

Freemasonry and its Ancient Mystic Rites

This is a talk by Bro. Kam Chai Heng on Freemasonry in the light of Theosophy. He refers to the books on Freemasonry by clairvoyant theosophists, notably, C. W. Leadbeater and Geoffrey Hodson. Bro. Chai Heng has been a Mason for over 30 years and is a 31° Freemason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. He is a past Master of Lodge Ailsa No. 1172 S.C. For the benefit of new members, time permitting, he will also screen a video, “What Freemasonry is All About”. This is an opportunity for members to know something about Freemasonry. 


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