2007 May Programme

5th May 2007 4 p.m.*

White Lotus Day
Commemoration of HPB

Join us for the White Lotus Day programme to commemorate the passing of our founder Madame H. P. Blavatsky.

*Note start time.


5th May 2007 5 p.m.*

How True is the Truth?
The Theo - Sophie Dialog

Theo and Sophie are (fictitious) members of a theosophical lodge who strike up a conversation while browsing in the library. The conversation soon turns into an exploration of the nature and utility of spiritual & religious truth. Come and “eavesdrop” on their conversation and also to participate in it. Use this as an opportunity to review your own attitudes towards the “truth”. Presented by Bro. Derrick Ong and Sis. Choong Tsui Wei.

12th May 2007 5 p.m.

The Early Theosophists

Bro Tang Kwok Choon looks at the teachings of the esoteric Pythagoras school and Platonic/Neo-Platonic philosophers.


19th May 2007 5 p.m.

Self-Culture—in the Light of the Ancient Wisdom

The third part of a book review by Bro. Choong Chi Pin of the book of the same title by a prominent theosophist and author, I. K. Taimni.


26th May 2007 4 p.m.*


We will have half an hour of meditation led by Sister Lily Chong.


26th May 2007 5 p.m.*

Informal Study Group

Students often need to seek clarification on theosophical teachings and explanation of certain writings as our literature can sometimes be rather abstruse. To facilitate earnest students, we have informal study group (ISG) meetings for the express purpose of answering questions of students. Chong Sanne will be the facilitator for the ISG. Participants are requested to submit their questions by email in advance.



25th May 2007

7 p.m.

Commencement of the Meditation Course

Basic Rules of Meditation


You will be taught the basic technique of meditation, what meditation really is and what kind of results to expect as well as not to expect! There will be a practice session.



28th May 2007

7 p.m.

Commencement of the 25th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 1: The Different Planes of Nature


Knowing the different planes of nature; the different bodies of man and the different vehicles of consciousness.


Meditation class starts at 6:30 p.m.



30th May 2007

7 p.m.

25th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 2: Man’s Evolution


A discourse on evolution; where we come from and where we are going to; the Law of Karma; Reincarnation as a process of evolution.


Meditation class starts at 6:30 p.m.


Thursday, 31st May 2007 11 a.m.*

The Wesak Festival

This is an annual talk on esoteric Buddhism and the Great Wesak Blessing, including a video of ordinary pilgrims at the Wesak Valley. Members are invited to celebrate Wesak Day at the Lodge. Read about the Great Wesak Blessing and the Wesak Festival in the May newsletter.


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