2017 August Programme

5 August 2017 5 p.m.

Spiritual and Temporal Authority

Choong Chi Pin refers to one of the London talks of 1907 by Annie Besant. On this subject Annie Besant says:


I am to speak tonight, as you know, on 'Spiritual and Temporal Authority', and I have chosen this, .... as bearing on questions of immediate interest to the Theosophical Society. But in dealing with each of these, as on the first occasion, I want, if I can, to lift you above any controversy of the moment, and to put before you broad outlines rather than mere details, and to lead you to look at all these questions from the wider standpoint of the experience of the past, trying to apply that experience as far as you can to the questions, the difficulties, of the present.


And this question that I have chosen for the subject of our thought to-night is one which carries us back into the very beginnings of human history on our globe, which we may trace downwards through civilisation after civilisation, and we can then study, as it were by contrast, many of our modern civilisations. And out of all this it may be that we shall learn some lesson for our own small affairs of the moment....


12 August 2017 5 p.m.

The Universe And Matter

Our VP, Tang Kwok Choon, continues his talk on the evolution of the Earth Scheme. We saw how the Life Force managed by the Manu moved from one globe to another Round after Round, Chain after Chain. The Monads reincarnating and giving rise to more and more advanced races. We have some idea of what happens to the men who attained the growth targeted for the various Chains.


This is the macro view. Now we look at what is happening at the micro level. To do that we need to understand: Creation of the Universe, and the constitution of matter, and the UPA. We also look at what changes occur when the Jivatma evolves. And try to tie the Theosophical to the Current Scientific view.


19 August 2017 5 p.m.

The Coulomb Affair and the Hodgson Report

Hauw Tio Hiong gives some noteworthy and interesting details on the Coulomb Affair and the Hodgson Report.


The Coulomb Affair and the Hodgson Report took place in the late 19th Century, but they still reverberate till this day both positively and negatively. It is therefore relevant that as TS members we try to understand more of the details so that we know how to clear the air when we need to. At this session we will find out 

What exactly is said in the Report.

How did HPB respond to it?

Did anyone foresee it coming?

Was it Karma?

Did anyone come to HPB's assistance?

What makes SPR retract its conclusion a century later?


It is hoped that members who have an interest in the history of the TS will find the material presented to be of interest.


26 August 2017 5 p.m.

The Monad And Man

Our VP, Tang Kwok Choon, continues his talk on the evolution of the Earth Scheme. The last discussion was about the Life Force at the molecular/atomic level. Now we look at what is happening at the spiritual level and how the Human came into being. To do that we need to understand: The formation of the Jivatma, the role of Elementals and the Devas, and the formation of the Causal Body.


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