2017 February Programme

4 February 2017 5 p.m.*

Nature of Psychic Abilities

An annual talk by Chong Sanne on psychic abilities including various levels of clairvoyance and how to tell true occultists from charlatans. In this talk we will also realize that the unfoldment of psychic powers is a natural process in evolution.


This programme is for members only.


11 February 2017 5 p.m.

Self and No-Self in Buddhism

Theosophy teaches Self, but Hauw Tio Hiong learnt after taking refuge in the Triple Gem that Buddhism teaches No-Self. This has intrigued him for a long time -- did Lord Buddha teach Atta or did he teach Anatta? In this talk he will share his learning journey with fellow TS members. If time permits, he will also touch on the teaching of Emptiness of the Northern School through The Heart Sutra.


18 February 2017 5 p.m.

Adyar Day Observation

17 February is designated Adyar Day. Our Vice President, Tang Kwok Choon, will talk about the significance of this special date in the history of The Theosophical Society. He will also screen the latest video on the Headquarters and pictures for the benefit of those who have not been to Adyar. We would have the opportunity to have a discussion on Adyar or other subjects of interest.


25 February 2017 5 p.m.

Discipleship and Some Karmic Problems

Choong Chi Pin refers to this article by Annie Besant which appeared in The Theosophical Review, July 1906. This subject is most interesting as we could see from the following synopsis.

“Our great Teacher, H. P. Blavatsky, has suffered much at the hands of those who use the qualifications for discipleship as missiles for attack instead of as buoys to mark out the channel. It has been asked — as in the Vahan last year — why a person who smoked, who lost her temper, who was lacking in self-control, should have been a disciple, while — this was not said but implied — many eminently respectable people, with all the family virtues, who never outrage conventionalities, and are models of deportment, are not considered worthy of that title. It may not be useless to try to solve the puzzle.”


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