2017 July Programme

1 July 2017 5 p.m.

The Brotherhood of Religions

Choong Chi Pin continues his talk on this book of Annie Besant. This second talk is on Common Doctrines. On this Annie Besant says:


“Let us now pass on (from Common Symbols) to a consideration of the doctrines which are common to the great religions, and we shall find that the fundamental verities on which each religion is built form a common basic structure.


What are these main doctrines? The Unity of God; the Trinity of divine manifestation; the super-physical Hierarchies and their worlds; the Nature of Man; his Evolution; the great Laws. There are others, ...”


8 July 2017 5 p.m.

Earth Scheme
4th Round, 4th Root Race

Our VP, Tang Kwok Choon, continues his talk on the evolution of the Earth Scheme. We have seen how the humanoids have developed from formless to shapeless in the 3rd Round, and how they lived and developed. In the 4th Round, events happened at a quickened pace.The Lemurians of the 3rd Root Race gave rise to the Atlanteans (4th Root Race) in the 4th Round. We shall look at how the sub-races in this period lived, their culture and spiritual development.


15 July 2017 5 p.m.*

Did Jesus Live In India?

There is much speculation regarding the “Lost Years” of Jesus. Evidently, there is a missing gap in the life story of one of the most famous men who has ever lived. Apparently, there is no Biblical, Western, or Middle Eastern record of the whereabouts or activities of Jesus in Palestine from the age of 13 to 29. Some are convinced that Jesus lived in India during that period.


More than that, in the BBC Documentary Jesus was a Buddhist Monk, experts theorize that Jesus escaped his crucifixion, and in his mid or late 30s he returned to the land he loved so much.


Let's listen to the claims, watch the video and discuss the subject in the light of our own esoteric knowledge, facilitated by Chong Sanne.


*Note this programme is for members only.

*** Non-members will not be admitted.***


22 July 2017 5 p.m.

Clairvoyance & Lucidity

Our Assistant Secretary, Brandon Goh, explores this subject with the audience.


A basic knowledge of the planes (dimensions) of nature and vehicles of consciousness is expected of the audience. This is a (summarised) deeper study of clairvoyance and its workings in the vehicles of consciousness. It is also an introductory lecture to gauge the amount of interest and need for a prospective course: A Course in Clairvoyance and Lucidity, the application of Theosophical principles and methods in the expansion of consciousness and awareness thereof in the physical brain. The speaker himself does not have the capacity to facilitate such a course, but desires to share his vision of a possible distant future with the audience.


With the plethora of new age practices to develop psychic ability, beginners and veterans alike are prone to temptation by spectacular promises and quick results. Moreover, with an increasing population of natural psychics, thorough education on the sources of psychic error is important: urging them to ignore this aspect of their evolution and remain blind until further spiritual development is akin to asking a baby not to use its blundering physical sight until the astral has been attained.


A little light on the path is all the more needed in this climate of spiritual materialism, because the quenching of aspirations to expand one’s consciousness is not only futile but harmful, for it turns seekers away from the path to the Path, leading them to seek elsewhere when Theosophy, rightly understood, gives them specific ways for the development that they seek, in conjunction with the traditionally stated and restated practice of meditation. It is not so much the revealing of special techniques - although hints are expressly given in this direction - than the deep comprehension of meditation as exemplified in the Ancient Wisdom, that shows us how to safely and surely fulfill our aspiration to SEE and EXPERIENCE, and hence to truly KNOW..


29 July 2017 5 p.m.

Earth Scheme
4th Round, 5th Root Race

Our VP, Tang Kwok Choon, continues his talk on the evolution of the Earth Scheme. Last time we studied how the 4th Root Race developed. In the 5th Root Race in the 4th Round, the Aryans and the other sub races led by their Manus incarnating within them, migrated from White Island in Mongolia all over the Earth including Iran, India, Arabia, Micronesia, and Asia Minor. However, they who are now the Masters M, DK, Hilarion and others, were  not involved in the 4th Sub Race in Europe.


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