2005 February Programme

5th February 2005 3 p.m.*

Informal Study Group

Students meet for a question and answer session with Chong Sanne as the facilitator. This month, we intend to answer questions arising from the annual talk on The Occult Hierarchy and also the perennial question on God. Read article about the Informal Study Group in the February newsletter.


5th February 2005 5 p.m.*

Glimpses Of The Occult World

This is the first of a series of talks by Chong Sanne chronicling the incidents and phenomena that took place in the early history of the TS. This month we shall the events and incidents up to 1878.

See article on Glimpses of The Occult World in the February newsletter.

12th February 2005 5 p.m.

Part V of Initiation --
The Perfecting of Man

Bro. Kam Chai Heng, our Vice President, continues with the fifth and final part of this useful talk about Man’s spiritual quest based on the book of the same title by Annie Besant.



18th February, 2005

7 p.m.

Meditation Course

Lecture 1: Basic Rules of Meditation and the Different Planes of Nature


How to go about meditation and what results to expect. Knowing the different planes of nature.


19th February 2005 5 p.m.*

Adyar Day Celebration

We observe Adyar Day in memory of Col. H. S. Olcott and C. W. Leadbeater. Listen to the voice of C. W. Leadbeater, in a rare recording of 1932, as he explains the existence of the Masters of the Wisdom and the Occult Hierarchy in an occult commentary on ‘The Great White Lodge’.

See article on Adyar Day Celebration in the February newsletter.


25th February, 2005

7 p.m.

Meditation Course

Lecture 2: Man’s Bodies; Thought Power and Meditation for Soul Development


The different bodies of man and the vehicles of consciousness, insight into the real nature of thought and how it can be used in meditation for the development of the soul and to conquer anger.


26th February 2005 5 p.m.

The Esoteric Philosophy

Sis. Gertrude Weerekoon talks about esoteric philosophy. She will attempt to show how we should view this and perhaps enlarge our interpretation of what are the essentials in an  ‘esoteric’  science, as contrasted with the normal  ‘exoteric’  understanding.

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