2005 July Programme


1st July 2005

7 p.m.

20th Basic Theosophy Course

Lecture 5: The Mental Plane


We will be talking about both the higher and the lower mental planes. This is a continuation of the lectures on death and after and the astral plane. A short description of the heaven world and its inhabitants will be covered. Does everyone go to heaven? We shall soon find out.


The Mental Plane is also the realm of the Mind, i.e. the plane where thought arises. We will discuss further the subject of elemental kingdoms and the elemental essence that ensoul thoughts. Hence, this lecture serves as an introduction to 'thought-forms', one of the most important aspects of nature. This lecture is useful, if not a prerequisite for the 6th lecture on 'Thought-Forms' next week.


2nd July 2005 3 p.m.*

Study Class - A Study in Consciousness

Study class on A Study in Consciousness with commentary by Chong Sanne. This week we will be reading Part II, Chapter V, EMOTION (Continued). This is the second last chapter of the book and it covers the topics of The Training of Emotion, The Distorting Force of Emotion, Methods of Ruling the Emotions,  The Using of Emotion, and The Value of Emotion in Evolution.


2nd July 2005 5 p.m.*

Informal Study Group

Students meet for a question and answer session with Chong Sanne as the facilitator. Read article about the Informal Study Group in the 2005 February newsletter.



8th July 2005

7 p.m.

20th Basic Theosophy Course

Lecture 6: Thought-Forms


This is probably the most important lecture in the whole course as knowledge of thought-forms will help us conduct ourselves better and live a life in harmony with nature. The lecture will include the following: What are thought-forms? How your thoughts affect others, near or far from you. The virtue of having the right thoughts and the consequences of bad thoughts.


9th July 2005 3 p.m.*

Study Class - A Study in Consciousness

Study class on A Study in Consciousness with commentary by Chong Sanne. This week we will be reading the Chapter VI of the Book, THE WILL. In this final chapter, we will cover the topics of The Will Winning Its Freedom; Why So Much Struggle?; The Power of the Will;  White and Black Magic; and Entering into Peace.


9th July 2005 5 p.m.

Spirit of Youth

Sister Choong Tsui Wei talks about how the book, Spirit of Youth, by George Arundale had a profound influence on her. Indeed, she became a vegetarian as a result.



15th July 2005

7 p.m.

20th Basic Theosophy Course

Conclusion of the 20th Basic Theosophy Course

Lecture 7: The Noble Eightfold Path


The subject of this last lecture is on 'The Noble Eightfold Path'. This lecture gives the guidelines on how to quicken the evolutionary pace; the perfection of virtues and the ideals of right living. We will talk about how to live the life of a true theosophist and finding peace and joy in the process, in other words, the application of theosophical knowledge. This last lecture wraps up what we have covered in the past seven weeks.


16th July 2005 3 p.m.*

Study Class - A Study in Consciousness

In this finale of the Study Class on A Study in Consciousness we shall have a review of what we have covered. We shall have a revision of the salient points given in the book.


16th July 2005 5 p.m.

Understanding Karma

All members and friends are welcome to participate in the discussion on this great eternal law of Nature—the Law of Cause and Effect or better known as the Law of Karma. The subject is open to the audience for topical discussion following an introduction by Chong Sanne.


23rd July 2005 5 p.m.

Vajrasuchika Upanishad

Bro. N. C. Raghava talks about the above. Although the text is not counted amongst the major Upanishads and is of uncertain date, it is important nevertheless because it expounds certain tenets of other recondite Hindu texts in a lucid manner. It explains the rationale behind the caste system which is much misunderstood.


30th July 2005 5 p.m.

Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible, Vol. I

Our Vice President, Bro. Kam Chai Heng, gives an overview of Volume I of The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible, by Geoffrey Hodson. This book is useful for followers of the Christian faith.

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