2015 April Programme

4th April 2015 5 p.m.*

Esoteric Christianity

In this Easter weekend, our Hon. Secretary, Lily Chong, talks about the Christian tradition from the occult viewpoint. She will talk about the historical, the mythic and the mystic Christ and also the inner meaning of the events in the life of the Christ. This program is of interest to both Christians and non-Christians alike. This talk was last given four years ago.


This programme is for members only.


11th April 2015

5 p.m.

Penitentiary System

Our member Bertrand Goh who worked in the prison for 16 years gives us an insight into the local penitentiary system, prison life and the reform and rehabilitation programmes provided for inmates. He says


"Progressive societies are constantly in a tug of war between good and evil. Singapore is a progressive society in which the forces of good still have the stronger upper hand. The judicial system is the instrument the state uses to wage war against the elements of evil rising from within the country. Its role is to protect society and establish order. In this talk, we shall be looking at the role of the judicial system in the reform of prisoners particularly through the use of the prisons system. We shall also be looking at the array of help provided to inmates by various elements from the community to help them get back with their families and find work after their release. Finally we will answer the question of whether more should be done by people like us either as individuals or as members of an organisation to formally help ex offenders reduce their relapse rates."


18th April 2015

9:30 a.m.

Excursion to Museums

An excursion to Asian Civilisations Museum, Peranakan Museum and Sri Mariamman Temple for those who have registered. Contact our Events Coordinator, Vivek, for more information.


18th April 2015 5 p.m.

The Sixth Root Race

Our Vice-President, Tang Kwok Choon, talks about what to expect of the 6th Root Race based on the writings of eminent occultist C. W. Leadbeater. We would have answers to such questions as:


Who are the people of the 6th Root Race?

When and where do they come from?

What is their system of government?

What will be their way of life?

What is their family life like?

Do they practice a religion?


25th April 2015 5 p.m.

The Conditions of Intellectual and of Spiritual Growth

Choong Chi Pin gives the second of a two-part talk based on the lecture of the same title delivered by Annie Besant in Stockholm: 15th June 1913.


On the lecture, Annie Besant says,


“...Intellect may rightly be called the Truth-aspect of the God within, and as that develops, it gains that power of direct vision of the outer truth which makes its deception impossible, for truth is known by the spiritualized Intellect, so far above the lower mind, not by a process of argument, but by a process of intellectual vision. ‘Its nature,’ says an old Scripture, ‘is knowledge,’ and to say that its nature is knowledge is the same as to say that its nature is truth...”


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