2015 March Programme

7 March 2015 5 p.m.


Our member Bertrand Goh talks about procrastination. He says


"As aspirants on the path, we can ill afford to procrastinate in our hike up the mountain of evolution. We are, upon our physical incarnation in this world, bestowed with a mission to fulfil some very definite goals in our lives. More often than not however, we become distracted, and led to actions that not only run counter to our mission, but also undermine our very strength in achieving them. More tragically, we might fail to recognise what the mission is altogether and add to the debt that we have to bear both in this and future lives. Hence we shall be exploring in this discussion, some practical remedies we can use to steer us back on course toward more directly clearing our debts for the current lifetime. That way, we shall arrest our tendency to procrastinate as we progress more definitely in achieving some if not most our lives purposes."


14 March 2015 5 p.m.

The Control of Thought and Realization of Truth

Our new Assistant Secretary, Brandon Goh, gives his inaugural talk to members of SLTS on the control of thought and realization of Truth. His synopsis says


"In the spiritual life, control of thought takes precedence. Without mastering one’s mind to a certain extent, truth cannot be realized, much less lived. Based on principles elucidated by a wide array of theosophical authors without favour, culling from those that are germane to the subject, the presentation aims at a concise exposition of mind mastery. Some practical aspects which are not stated in theosophical books, albeit a natural implication of the stated principles, will be presented for consideration. The talk will also draw the inextricable link between control of thought and realization of truth, urging all seekers of truth to contemplate the possibility that the former is prerequisite to the latter, and hence get down to the business of thought-mastery, no matter how painstaking.


21 March 2015 5 p.m.

How to Choose Your Life Partner and Have a Better Chance of a Happy Marriage/Partnership

Come and listen to this thought-provoking new talk by our Hon. Secretary, Lily Chong.


One of the most important decisions that a person can make in Life is the choice of a Life Partner. Unfortunately, this is often done when one is young, impulsive and hasn’t really given any thought to its significance! Apart from the raging hormones, more often than not, a person rushes into a decision about a Life Partner without realizing that this is the individual that he/she is going to be stuck with for the rest of this life on Earth! This talk attempts to highlight some important considerations that a person should ponder on before rushing into a liaison that will affect the rest if his/her life and create Karma that will have to be worked out in future lives, whether pleasant or not!


28 March 2015 5 p.m.

The Conditions of Intellectual and of Spiritual Growth

Choong Chi Pin gives the first of a two-part talk based on the lecture of the same title delivered by Annie Besant in Stockholm: 15th June 1913.


On the lecture, Annie Besant says,


“In one way the title of this lecture is a little misleading, because the Intellect is the outward-looking aspect of the Spirit itself. The Spirit being one with the divine Spirit, a fragment of God, reproduces in himself the triple nature of Divinity, shows himself forth through three phases, the aspect of Power, or Will, the aspect of Wisdom, or SELF-consciousness, the aspect of Creative Activity, or Intellect.”


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