2020 August Programme


COVID-19 Precautionary Measure

All programmes are restricted to members only until further notice

Intending attendees must pre-book seats using QTix for admission


1 August 2020 4:30 p.m.

The Idyll of the White Lotus

Our VP, Tang Kwok Choon, talks about this book which is an account of a previous life dictated by the Master Hilarion to his amanuensis Mabel Collins.


8 August 2020 4:30 p.m.

The Reality of the Invisible and the Actuality of the Unseen Worlds

Choong Chi Pin talks on the subject from an article of the same title by Annie Besant.

“The majority of civilized people today, in every country, profess a belief in the existence of worlds other than the physical globes scattered through space, the suns and planets of our own and other systems. However vague may be their ideas of the nature of such worlds, invisible, superphysical, super-sensuous; however much the ideas vary, according to the religion professed by the believer; they yet cling to a belief that not all of me shall die, that death does not put an end to individual existence, that there is something beyond the tomb....”.


15 August 2020 4:30 p.m.

Rising above personal suffering

A talk by Clover Wu Xueying. Suffering is a universal condition and it is rooted in separateness. Identification with our separate personality and our need to defend it underlie personal suffering. But, if we can take an impersonal approach towards suffering, we will be opening ourselves to its purpose and how it unites all life. In this sharing, we explore how we can rise above the pain and harness its power to alleviate the suffering of others.


22 August 2020 4:30 p.m.

Reincarnation—Fact or Fallacy?

An illustrated talk by Lily Chong giving a comprehensive look at Reincarnation from both the occult tradition as well as the scientific viewpoint. The scientific research by Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia will be discussed together with theosophical explanations. See the April 2020 newsletter.


29 August 2020 4:30 p.m.

The Occult Life of Geoffrey Hodson

A new talk given for the first time by Chong Sanne on the occult life of Geoffrey Hodson. Read the story in the August 2020 newsletter.


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