2020 June Programme


COVID-19 Precautionary Measure

Lodge Closed in June 2020


The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on 19 May 2020 that the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures will be gradually eased from 2 June 2020. Safe re-opening will be carried out in three phases.

Phase 1 starts from 2 June 2020 and will take at least four weeks.

Phase 2 follows Phase 1 and will be over a few months.

Phase 3 Singapore enters a ‘new normal’ until a vaccine is available.

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce will announce the end of each phase and the start of the next.

Under Phase 1, “Other non-essential activities and social gatherings are still prohibited, as these bring together more people living in different households.” As this applies to us, our Lodge will remain closed in June 2020.

During this period, join the online meetings as listed in



In the meantime, do take care and keep safe.


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