2006 February Programme

4th February 2006 4:15 p.m.*


We will have half an hour of meditation led by Sister Lily Chong.


4th February 2006 5 p.m.*

Chakras, Prana & Kundalini

Chong Sanne talks to members on the significance and development of the Force Centres, Vitality, the Serpent Fire and the powers latent in man. * For members only.


11th February 2006 5 p.m.*

Informal Study Group

Students often need to seek clarification on theosophical teachings and explanation of certain writings as our literature can sometimes be rather abstruse. To facilitate earnest students, we are holding informal study group (ISG) meetings for the express purpose of answering questions of students. In such meetings, students may refer to specific writings or passages that are unclear or aspects of theosophical teachings which they have difficulty understanding. Chong Sanne will be the facilitator for the ISG. Participants are requested to submit their questions by email in advance.


18th February 2006 5 p.m.*

Adyar Day Celebration

Adyar Day, February 17, was instituted in 1922 in memory of the passing of Colonel Henry Steel Olcott and also to celebrate the birthday of C. W. Leadbeater, one of the greatest occultists and an indefatigable worker of the Theosophical Society who devoted 50 years of his life to serving the Society and, therefore, humanity.


There will be a special audio and video presentation by the Singapore delegates to the 130th Annual International Convention of the Theosophical Society in Adyar.


25th February 2006 5 p.m.

Concentration by Ernest Wood

Our Assistant Librarian, Sister Choong Tsui Wei, will give a talk on Concentration based on the book of the same title by Ernest Wood.


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