2006 July Programme

1st July 2006 4 p.m.*


Chong Sanne will talk about the different kinds of dreams. The states of the physical and etheric brains when the man is asleep will be discussed, including manís astral activities. This talk was last given 3 years ago. Note change in time.


8th July 2006 5 p.m.*

Informal Study Group

Students often need to seek clarification on theosophical teachings and explanation of certain writings as our literature can sometimes be rather abstruse. To facilitate earnest students, we are holding informal study group (ISG) meetings for the express purpose of answering questions of students. In such meetings, students may refer to specific writings or passages that are unclear or aspects of theosophical teachings which they have difficulty understanding. Chong Sanne will be the facilitator for the ISG. Participants are requested to submit their questions by email in advance.


15th July 2006 5 p.m.*

From Darkness to Light: Understanding Violence

There seems to be no end to violence in the world. It leaves behind it a trail of destruction, despair, indescribable suffering and pain, making the world dark with fear. This presentation will explore the nature of emotions and their effect on the mind, the genesis of violence in the human consciousness, as well as essential insights from the Perennial Wisdom which can naturally lead to the ending of all violence in the awakened individual and in the world.

Bro. Pedro Oliveira, President of the Indo-Pacific Federation of the TS, will meet members of the Singapore Lodge and give this insightful talk.


22nd July 2006 4 p.m.*


By popular request, our Hon. Secretary, Lily Chong, will give a talk on her research into vegetarianism, to take us through various facets of the subject. In the talk she will debunk the myth on the lack of nutrition of a vegetarian diet. She will also show us the consequences of the demand and supply of animal products, including a video show on animal farming. Come to the talk and delight in the merits of vegetarianism. Note change in time.


29th July 2006 5 p.m.

Man and His Seven Principles

Part II of a book review by Bro. Choong Chi Pin on the book of the same title by Arthur Robson.


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