2006 October Programme

7th October 2006 5 p.m.

The Universe: Accident or Artefact?

A deeply rooted paradigm of science has been to assume no more than that which seems absolutely necessary to explain natural phenomena. For a long time, this has given rise to a view that the universe (including all life) is essentially the accidental result of blind, physical forces randomly acting on inanimate material. However, more recent discoveries seem to indicate that this may not be the case. Developments in cosmology and physics (“Big Bang” theory & the “Anthropic principle”) and evolutionary biology (punctuated equillibrium & analogous development) open the door to the possibility of an “intended” universe. 


Bro. Derrick Ong will give a talk and discuss these developments in an interactive session with members on this fascinating subject. Bro. Derrick is a keen student of philosophy, theosophy, religion and other spiritual subjects.


14th October 2006 5 p.m.*

Informal Study Group

Students often need to seek clarification on theosophical teachings and explanation of certain writings as our literature can sometimes be rather abstruse. To facilitate earnest students, we have informal study group (ISG) meetings for the express purpose of answering questions of students. Chong Sanne will be the facilitator for the ISG. Participants are requested to submit their questions by email in advance.


21st October 2006  

Deepavali Holiday

The lodge will be closed for the Deepavali public holiday.


28th October 2006 5 p.m.

Man and His Seven Principles

Part III of a book review by Bro. Choong Chi Pin on the book of the same title by Arthur Robson.


28th October 2006 6:30 p.m.

Deepavali and Hari Raya Celebration


We shall rejoice with our Hindu and Muslim friends with an informal celebration of Deepavali and Hari Raya Puasa.


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