2006 September Programme

2nd September 2006 5 p.m.

Adyar Video—Part II

Bro. Saw Chaik Lee will continue his presentation of the pictures and video he took of the TS headquarters during the last International Conference in December 2005.


9th September 2006 5 p.m.

Video Program

A full-length feature program will be screened.


16th September 2006 5 p.m.*

The Mystery of Birth

Our Hon. Secretary, Sis. Lily Chong, gives this interesting talk on the mystery and miracle of birth. Read the synopsis in the September 2006 newsletter.


23rd September 2006 5 p.m.

Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible, Vol. I

Our Vice President, Bro. Kam Chai Heng, continues his review of this book by Geoffrey Hodson. This book is especially useful for followers of the Christian faith.


30th September 2006 4 p.m.*

The Lost Continents of Lemuria and Atlantis

Chong Sanne will give a lecture on The Lost Continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. This is a sequel to the talk given last month on the Doctrine of Cycles. The talk is about the third and fourth Root Races and the land they inhabited. See the September 2006 newsletter. Note change in time.


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