2014 April Programme

5 April 2014  5 p.m.

Where Would You Like To Go?

Vivekhananthan M., our Events Coordinator conducts this brain-storming session to determine desirable destinations for our excursions. Come and give your suggestions as you listen to his. Kam Chai Heng will talk about the Masonic Lodge as one of the possible destinations.


12 April 2014  5 p.m.

The Other Side of Death

Kam Chai Heng continues his reading of this book written by C. W. Leadbeater with Part III on The Evidence From Apparitions with Chapter XV on Astral Visits.


19 April 2014  5 p.m.

Some Difficulties of the Inner Life

Choong Chi Pin gives a talk based on a pamphlet of the same title first printed by TPH, Adyar in March 1913. Synopsis follows:


“Everyone who sets himself in earnest to the living of the Inner Life encounters certain obstacles at the very beginning of the pathway thereto.....  One of these difficulties was put to me some time ago by a friend and fellow-wayfarer....  [He] with much truth and insight [said] that for most of us the difficulty lay more with the Inner Man than with his instruments; that for most of us the bodies we had were quite sufficiently good, or, at the worst, needed a little tuning, but that there was a desperate need for the improvement of the man himself.”


26 April 2014 5 p.m.

Public Invitational Programme
Theosophy for Everyone

The science of life and the philosophy of living—a 52 min. video made by The Blavatsky Trust specifically to explain what Theosophy is—and isn’t—its origins in the ageless wisdoms, and how it survived suppression and distortion to blossom anew as modern Theosophy. Open to non-members.


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