2014 March Programme

1 March 2014  5 p.m.

SELF and Its Sheaths

Choong Chi Pin gives the sixth of his talks based on four lectures delivered by Annie Besant on the 19th Anniversary of The Theosophical Society at the Headquarters in Adyar in 1894.

Annie Besant says,

"...You cannot separate one life from another. You cannot deal with human lives as though they were separate individuals, for they are not. The life that you are in now is to the Ego but as a day. Death is as the night which closes it. Birth comes with the dawning, and that is as another day of life. And the next death is as the night in which you lie down to slumber. Can you separate today from tomorrow? Can you get rid tomorrow of all the obligations that you have entered into today? Will the night get rid of them and set you free from them? ..."


8 March 2014  5 p.m.

The Other Side of Death

Kam Chai Heng continues his reading of this book written by C. W. Leadbeater with Part II on The Facts of After-Death Life with Chapter XIV on The Death of Children.

Attendees may wish to take note of the fact that the subject of the book was scientifically examined and carefully described by the author using his remarkable clairvoyant powers.


15 March 2014  5 p.m.

Short Occult Stories

Sister Kavitha Mallavarapu shares these fascinating, quirky and weird stories by C. W. Leadbeater from his book, The Perfume of Egypt.


An occultist states only the facts and these short occult stories happen to be true!


Some of these stories are based on Leadbeater’s personal experience. Others he heard directly from the person principally concerned in the story. The events mentioned in these stories happened; and although it may be difficult for one who has made no study of the subject to believe them, those of us who are familiar with occult literature will be able to accept and understand it readily.


These stories were written for ‘leisure reading’ and allow the reader, and in this case the audience to pass pleasantly a few hours listening to quirky and weird but true occult stories.


22 March 2014  4 p.m.

Why Vegetarianism?

Our Hon. Secretary, Lily Chong, will give a talk on her research into vegetarianism, to take us through various facets of the subject. In the talk she will debunk the myth on the lack of nutrition of a vegetarian diet. She will also show us the consequences of the demand and supply of animal products, including a video show on animal farming. See the August 2010 Newsletter. Come to the talk which was last given in 2010 and delight in the merits of vegetarianism. Note change in time.


29 March 2014  5 p.m.*

Election of the Eighth International President

Chong Sanne talks about the importance of the office of the International Presidency. He will also talk about the two Presidential Candidates, C.V.K. Maithreya and Tim Boyd, giving voters some information on their background, accomplishments, aspirations and plans for the future of the Theosophical Society.

Eligible voters present will cast their written votes while those absent will cast their votes through the mail.


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