2016 August Programme

6 August 2016 5 p.m.

Bhutan—A Travelogue

Our member, Lor Bak Liang, takes delight in sharing his experiences and stories from his trip to Bhutan as his collection of pictures enchant you. Learn the secret to happiness from the land of happiness whose Gross National Happiness is more important than GNP.


13 August 2016 5 p.m.

The Ego Reincarnates

Our Vice President, Tang Kwok Choon continues his talk on evolution.

"We have seen how the Causal Body is formed; giving the Animal a new Body thus making it Human.

And we have explored  the Causal Body, the powers of that Body, how to help it develop and thus evolve spiritually.

Next we explore  what  Trishna or Tanha does to the Ego; and what happens to it when it is ready to reincarnate, and what happens upon the death of the physical body, the Etheric Double and Prana."


20 August 2016 5 p.m.*

Angels and Fairies—Do They Exist?

This interesting talk on the “Shining Ones” is presented by our Hon. Secretary, Lily Chong. Her presentation which includes many interesting illustrations of angels and fairies, was last given almost three years ago in March 2013 and it has been brought back by popular request! See the March 2013 Newsletter.


Please note that this talk is restricted to members.


27 August 2016 5 p.m.

J. Krishnamurti and the Search for Light

Choong Chi Pin gives the final instalment of his reading of this frank book by Geoffrey Hodson where he discusses the efforts of comprehending J. Krishnamurti. Geoffrey Hodson says:

“An intense and prolonged effort of the mind to get behind the words of Krishnamurti, to arrive somewhere, produces strange mental sensations. I confess that, apart from rare moments of illumination for which I am profoundly grateful, I find myself for the most part in a maze of somewhat resentful hopelessness. Resentful, when individuals whom I respect and love are vilified and when proven truths are denied. Hopeless, when long-continued study fails to elucidate the teachings.

On occasion, however, one has the impression of moving in a very rare atmosphere, a sort of summit-of-Everest consciousness. The very altitude makes everything seem elusive, intangible. Understanding seems near sometimes. One listens or reads on expectant, hoping for the re-solution, for the emergent formula or synthesis; but, alas! it seldom, if ever, comes...”

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