2016 October Programme

1 October 2016 5 p.m.

Etheric Faculties and Healing

Our Vice President, Tang Kwok Choon, continues his talk on evolution. He says.

“We have seen how the Causal Body is formed, what it looks like; that its purpose is to manifest itself on the physical plane. We have seen its powers. What happens to it upon the death of his physical vehicle. Why and how it descends again and again by rebirth onto the physical plane.

We introduced the Etheric Double (Body) and Prana. The Etheric Body’s prenatal role in building the physical body at the time the Ego is reincarnating. We then explored the Etheric Double—the vehicle of Prana; the Etheric Body and its relationship with the nervous system; the ghost limb. Examined broadly the Chakras, their functions and powers and how to protect and nurture them. The health aura and prana, and what happens to waste prana, and the pranic vampires. And how to get additional prana free of charge.

Now we look at Etheric Faculties, Kundalini, Healing, Mesmerism, Magnetisation of objects, & Mediumship.”


8 October 2016 5 p.m.*

Esoteric Glimpses of the Lord Buddha

Chong Sanne gives some glimpses of the Lord Buddha from the esoteric writings of Madame Blavatsky and The Masters of The Wisdom. See this month's newsletter.

This programme is for members only.


15 October 2016 5 p.m.

Borobudur & Prambanan

Our Events Coordinator, Vivekhananthan M., gives us a travelogue of his trip in June 2015 to these ancient monuments in Central Java near Yogyakarta.


22 October 2016 5 p.m.

Communications Between Worlds

Choong Chi Pin continues his talk on this interesting subject based on the writings of Annie Besant. She says:

"...a dangerous way of communication is where a materialization of a body is brought about.
... The Master comes in His mayavi rupa... and densifies it on the spot where He chooses to appear by drawing out of the atmosphere.... the particles which, built into the subtle body, makes it visible and sometimes tangible....
... Why should so impressive and satisfactory a mean of communication be dangerous?... Whenever the forces of the higher planes are caused to affect the lower directly, there is a reaction equal to the action caused, and the direct action down here of a Brother of a White Lodge is followed by a similar direct action here of a Brother of the Dark Lodge... "


29 October 2016  

Lodge Closed

Public Holiday in celebration of Deepavali.

Happy Deepavali!

Wishing all our Hindu members Happy Deepavali.


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