2016 September Programme

3 September 2016 5 p.m.

The Etheric Double

Our Vice President, Tang Kwok Choon, continues his talk on evolution. He says.

“The Etheric Double was introduced in the last talk. We looked at its prenatal role in building the physical body of the infant at the time the Ego is reincarnating.

Today we explore more about the Etheric Double which is the vehicle of Prana. We will study what prana is, its relationship with the nervous system. And examine some Chakras and their functions and how to protect and nurture them.”


10 September 2016 5 p.m.

Communications Between Worlds

Choong Chi Pin begins a new series of talks based on the writings of Annie Besant. She says:

"It must be remembered, in order that this study may be useful, that all fear of the unusual must be put aside; the student must realize that there are many things around him which he does not see, and that they become less dangerous, though sometimes more alarming,  when they pass from invisibility into visibility. It is the unknown which may be dangerous; it is ignorance which is full of fears. The child unused to strangers screams and hides its face in its mother's dress at the terrifying sight of a harmless man or woman; accustomed to such meetings, the child has no fear… "


17 September 2016 5 p.m.*

The Invisible Helpers

Are there really Invisible Beings who can help us in times of trouble? Or, are they just the superstitious and mistaken beliefs of the gullible? This talk addresses these questions and looks at who really are the Invisible Helpers, what is the nature of their work and gives many true accounts of how they have helped both the living and the so-called dead. Our Hon. Secretary, Lily Chong, takes us through this interesting subject.

This programme is for members only.


24 September 2016 5 p.m.*

The Divine Plan

The Child of Chaos and Order (Part I)

A Video Presentation by Martin Leiderman

In this lively and entertaining series on Theosophy, the speaker, looks at such esoteric topics as the Triple Logos, fohat, the Dhyan Chohans, the monad, and the seven-fold human constitution.

This programme is for members only.


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