2018 March Programme

3 March 2018  5 p.m.*

Living Theosophy

The President of the Indo-Pacific Federation of the TS, Gerard Brennan, meets members and talks on ‘Living Theosophy’.


This programme is for members only.


10 March 2018  5 p.m.


Choong Chi Pin continues with his new series of talks based on the four lectures delivered by Annie Besant in December 1899 on Avatâras. The four lectures given by Annie Besant were What is an Avatâra?; The Source of and Need for Avatâras; Some Special Avatâras; and Shri Krishna. This month he continues with the narrative on What is an Avatâra?


In this talk, Annie Besant says:

Shri Ramanujacharya, in his commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita mentioned that — ‘... Shri Krishna declares that He has had "bahuni janmani (many births)"’ ...and... ‘points out how vast the variety of those births had been. Then, confining himself to His manifestations as Ishvara — that is after He had attained to the Supreme — he says quite truly that He was born by His own will; not by karma that compelled Him, not by any force outside Him that coerced Him, but by His own will...’


17 March 2018  5 p.m.

Wills and Administration

Our member Cheong Aik Chye who is in the legal profession will talk about this subject which may be useful for members. He will cover and take questions on the following:


What is a Will? 

Is the making of Wills necessary?

Wills vs No wills.

Estate Administration – what to expect.


24 March 2018 5 p.m.

Daoism (Taoism)

Our member, Peter Awyong will give us an appreciation of Daoism (Taoism).


The famous Lu Zun of China once said: “Daoism is the root of Chinese Culture.”


Daoism refers to, not one, but a tapestry of innumerable strands of folk religion,  political philosophy, martial arts, meditative and medical technology, and includes almost anything and everything under the umbrella of Chinese culture.


This presentation will explore some views on the Dao De Jing which is the second most translated religious text after the Bible. It will also explore the interest generated, as well as the reasons why more people around the world are looking into this religion that has been evolving for more than five thousand years.


31 March 2018 4 p.m.*

The Christian Creed

Chong Sanne talks on the Apostles’, Nicene and Athanasian Creeds based on theosophical knowledge. This is more of a theosophical lecture than a religious programme as the origin of the Christian Creed includes an ancient formula of cosmogenesis which will be discussed. This talk was last given 8 years ago.

Note time of talk—starts at 4 pm!


This programme is for members only.

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