2018 October Programme

6 October 2018  5 p.m.

Theosophy and Buddhism

A talk by visiting speaker, Hrishikesh Sharan, from the Indian Section.


Both the founders H. P. Blavatsky and H. S. Olcott embraced Buddhism. Col. Olcott worked extensively for the spreading of Buddhism especially in Sri Lanka and Japan. Some members had the wrong impression that this was not in tune with the Theosophical Teachings. The Maha Chohan had to intervene. Theosophists consider the Buddha to be at the Highest platform on the hierarchy of the Masters.


13 October 2018  5 p.m.

The Human Interest

Having tickled our interest in The Human Interest (by N. Sri Ram), our Asst Treasurer, Choong Tsui Wei, will begin this session with Liberation—the final withdrawal from the stress and strain of a difficult & unsatisfying life—and continue with other topics from the same book.


20 & 21 October 2018 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Self-Transformation Seminar

Two-day weekend seminar facilitated by the author of the book The Process of Self-Transformation and prominent theosophist, Vicente Hao Chin, Jr., from the Philippines.


The seminar is fully booked and is open only to the 50 participants whose pre-registrations have been accepted.


27 October 2018  5 p.m.


Choong Chi Pin concludes his series of talks based on the four lectures delivered by Annie Besant in December 1899 on Avatâras. The four lectures given by Annie Besant were What is an Avatâra?; The Source of and Need for Avatâras; Some Special Avatâras; and Shri Krishna. This month he finishes with the narrative on the 4th Lecture on Shri Krishna. Quoting Annie Besant:


"We come to the third stage of Statesman, a marvellously interesting feature in His life, the tact, the delicacy, the foresight, the skill in always putting the man opposed to Him in the wrong, and so winning His way and carrying others with Him. As you know, this part of His life is played out especially in connection with the Pândavas. He is the one who in every difficulty steps forward as ambassador; it is He who goes with Arjuna and Bhima to slay the giant king Jarâsandha, who was going to make a human sacrifice to Mahâdeva, a sacrifice that was put a stop to as blasphemous…"


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