2018 September Programme

1 September 2018  5 p.m.

Devas (Part III)

Working with the Angels

Brandon Goh, our Asst Secretary, continues with his talk on Devas.


Practical invocations for daily use will be explained and a few of them attempted. The value of group invocation and meditation will also be discussed.




4 September 2018

7:30 p.m.*

2018 Study Class


This programme is for members only.

8 September 2018 5 p.m.

The Human Interest

Our Asst Treasurer, Choong Tsui Wei will be sharing some of N. Sri Ram’s writings from his book, The Human Interest. Let’s ruminate upon these paragraphs together, to make some sense of our lives!


15 September 2018 4:30 p.m.

Early Members of the Theosophical Society - TSA

Our VP, Tang Kwok Choon, continues his talk on the pioneers and early members of the Theosophical Society. This month he talks about the Theosophical Society in America.


We will trace some developments of what’s left of the Theosophical Society in America after H. P. Blavatsky and H. S. Olcott left for India; and touch on the work of William Quan Judge and Gottfried de Purucker. Note change in time.


22 September 2018 4 p.m.


Our Hon. Secretary, Lily Chong, will give a talk on her research into vegetarianism, to take us through various facets of the subject. In the talk she will debunk the myth on the lack of nutrition of a vegetarian diet. She will also show us the consequences of the demand and supply of animal products, including a video show on animal farming. See the August 2010 Newsletter. Come to the talk and delight in the merits of vegetarianism. Note change in time.


29 September 2018 5 p.m.


Choong Chi Pin gives his 7th talk based on the four lectures delivered by Annie Besant in December 1899 on Avatâras. The four lectures given by Annie Besant were What is an Avatâra?; The Source of and Need for Avatâras; Some Special Avatâras; and Shri Krishna. This month he continues with the narrative on Shri Krishna. Annie Besant says:


"The more austere glories of Mahâdeva, the Lord of the burning ground, attract more the hearts of those who are weary of the world and who see the futility of worldly attractions; but Shri Krishna is the God of the household, the God of family life, the God whose manifestations attract in every phase of His Self-revelation; He is human to the very core; born in humanity, as He has said, He acts as a man.

As a child, He is a real child, full of playfulness, of fun, of winsome grace…"


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