2009 June Programme

Tuesday, 2nd June 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letter No. 2


This letter gives some idea of the terms and conditions of chelaship and the fact that the mysteries were never intended to be put within the reach of the general public. Aspirants must have a compatible life style and that motive is the all important factor.


6th June 2009  5 p.m.*

Blavatskyís Tibetó
Sacred Power Places and their Spiritual Mysteries

Glenn Mullin looks at some of the sacred sites of Central Tibet that are associated with the spiritual legacy of H. P. Blavatsky, co-founder of the modern Theosophical movement, and explores the meaning of sacred geography and the healing power of pilgrimage.


Glenn Mullin is an internationally known scholar and translator of books on Tibetan Buddhism, and has lived in the Himalayas for 12 years studying under many of Tibetís spiritual leaders.


This programme is for members only.


Tuesday, 9th June 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letters No. 3A, 3B, 3C & 4

Four short notes. The Letters 3A, 3B, 3C & 4 refer to the 'pillow incident' or 'brooch No. 2 incident'. What is fascinating about these short notes is the circumstances and phenomena involved.


13th June 2009  5 p.m.


Bro. Choong Chi Pin continues his book study of Gayatri by I. K. Taimni. This talk throws some light on the nature of the three Maha Vyahritis (Bhuh, Bhuvah and Suvah) and their origins. It also ties in the relationship of the Maha Vyahritis to Pranava (Om). These words are uttered at the beginning of this Mantra.


Tuesday, 16th June 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letters No. 5 & 6


Proof of the Master's physical existence to A. P. Sinnett through postal record and telegram.


20th June 2009  5 p.m.


Chong Sanne talks about the tragedy of suicide. Suicides, who sadly and mistakenly tried to escape their suffering, only find themselves still alive and conscious without a physical body, regretting their actions, and thus suffer with intensity. The grave consequences of suicide will be discussed with references to statements made by those who know.


Tuesday, 23rd June 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Appendix I


The first Mahatma Letter to A. O. Hume and answer to Hume's proposal to start an Anglo Indian Branch.


27th  & 28th June 2009   

2009 SLTS Theosophical Retreat at Turi Beach Resort, Batam

The lodge will be closed on Saturday, 27/6/09, as 60 members and family will be going for the 2009 Theosophical Retreat at the Turi Beach Resort in Batam, Indonesia.


Tuesday, 30th June 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letter No. 7, 8, 9 & 10


We will cover Hume's criticism of the Master's letters and the Master's comments.


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