2009 December Programme

Tuesday, 1st December 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letters No. 49, 50, 51 & 52 & LBS-195 & LBS-206



LETTER No. 49.—This was the second letter to be received by A. P. Sinnett after Mahatma K. H.’s ‘retreat’. Refer to Letter 38, a letter from Stainton Moses in which the Mahatma KH inserted some comments. In those comments, appended at the end of Moses’s letter, the Mahatma said: ‘My letter is private. You may use the arguments but not my authority or name.’ In those notes it was mentioned that the Mahatma was referring to a letter which he was writing, or had written, but which Sinnett had not yet received. This is that letter. The fact that it is dated as received on March 3 strengthens the suggestion that the Mahatma’s comments on Moses’s letter were written late in February or very early in March. As a matter of fact, its length indicates that it may have taken several days to write. And at the end of this letter, he warns Sinnett: ‘And now need I remind you that this letter is strictly private?’

LETTER No. 50.—Magnetic conditions necessary for test phenomena.

LETTER No. 51.—Action of hatred.

LETTER No. 52.—A fragment from K.H.

The above letters were received at the same time as the ‘plaster cast’ phenomenon which occurred on March 11, 1882. The ‘plaster cast’ phenomenon was one of the very few demonstration of phenomenon made by the Master M.



3rd December 2009

7 p.m.

30th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 5: The Mental Plane


We will be talking about both the higher and the lower mental planes. This is a continuation of the lectures on death and after and the astral plane. A short description of the heaven world and its inhabitants will be covered. Does everyone go to heaven? We shall soon find out.


The Mental Plane is also the realm of the Mind, i.e. the plane where thought arises. We will discuss further the subject of elemental kingdoms and the elemental essence that ensoul thoughts. Hence, this lecture serves as an introduction to 'thought-forms', one of the most important aspects of nature. This lecture is useful, if not a prerequisite for the 6th lecture on 'Thought-Forms'.



5th December 2009

3 p.m.

30th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 6: Thought-Forms


This is probably the most important lecture in the whole course as knowledge of thought-forms will help us conduct ourselves better and live a life in harmony with nature. The lecture will include the following: What are thought-forms? How your thoughts affect others, near or far from you. The virtue of having the right thoughts and the consequences of bad thoughts.



7th December 2009

7 p.m.

30th A Course in Theosophy

Conclusion of the 30th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 7: The Noble Eightfold Path


The subject of this last lecture is on 'The Noble Eightfold Path'. This lecture gives the guidelines on how to quicken the evolutionary pace; the perfection of virtues and the ideals of right living. We will talk about how to live the life of a true theosophist and finding peace and joy in the process, in other words, the application of theosophical knowledge. This last lecture wraps up A Course in Theosophy.


Tuesday, 8th December 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letters No. 53 & 54


LETTER No. 53.—From H.P.B. Sinnett’s invitation to her—reasons for refusing—what she endured—K.H. and M. prepare to work—H.P.B.’s hour of triumph approaches—Sinnett does not know the real H.P.B.; Her inner real self imprisoned—prophecies that Sinnett will one day blaspheme against K.H.—their benevolent contempt for H.P.B.


LETTER No. 54.—Observations on phenomena—Sinnett’s disappointment—methods for development of Occult faculties—no culture will supply psychic idiosyncrasy if lacking; M. deals with some spooks.



12th December 2009

2 p.m.

Meditation Course

Basic Rules of Meditation


How to go about meditation and what results to expect; the 3 stages of meditation; how to train the monkey mind.



12th December 2009

4:30 p.m.*

Karma and Relationships

A talk by Chong Sanne on love, marriage and friendship and the implications of karma in such relationships. The talk covers karmic links and bonds; how families come into being; about the people surrounding one, both friends and foes. Are marriages and the choice of spouse predestined? Why does that choice sometimes appear to be a mistake? What then? How do we resolve relationship problems theosophically? See the December 2009 newsletter.


Note start time, also this talk is for members only.


Tuesday, 15th December 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letters No. 55 to 57 and LBS-193 & LBS-193A

The Vega Incident


The class will be given a description of one of the most remarkable phenomena performed by the Masters. Referred to as the “Vega Phenomenon” or the “Vega Incident” it is, in fact, a series of related phenomena.


Letter No. 55.— Objections to spiritualistic phenomena and mediums; Occult science the extinguisher of superstitions—K.H. arranges to appear to the medium Eglinton on the “Vega”—his reasons.


A. P. Sinnett is given an advance notice of the Vega Phenomenon by the Master K. H. and the reason for doing so.


Letter No. 56 — Hume thinks of going to Tibet—insane plan—the Chohans against him—dangers of every step.


This letter is concerned with a proposal by Hume to go to Tibet and find the Adepts, an idea which the Master K.H. considers “insane” and wishes Sinnett to dissuade Hume from pursuing.


Letter No. 57 — Eglinton at Calcutta


This letter from the Master K.H. is curiously, dated at London, England, on April 27, when he was physically at Shigatse at that time. It was perhaps transmitted through Eglinton as a trial of his abilities and the possibility of his use for this purpose if he returned to India


19th December 2009

2 p.m.

Meditation Course

Meditation for development of the True Self and to achieve Union with the Divine


Insight into the real nature of thought and how it can be used in meditation for the development of the True Self. How meditation is used to achieve the ultimate goal of all meditation--union with the Divine.


19th December 2009 4:30 p.m.*

The Seven Rays

A talk by Chong Sanne on the Seven Human Temperaments, or what is often referred to as The Seven Rays, the seven divisions of Nature. We shall discuss the seven types of men. An interesting test will be conducted to find out the probable ray we each belong to. See the December 2009 newsletter.

Note start time, also this talk is for members only.


Tuesday, 22nd December 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letters No. 58 to 61


LETTER No. 58.—From T. Subba Row. States the conditions on which he will give A.P.S. instruction in Occult Science—wavering state of mind fatal.


This letter is from T. Subba Row who was the brilliant Advaiti Brahman who opposed sharing any of the occult teachings with Westerners. He was being urged by H.P.B. and the Mahatma M. (who was his Master) to assist in instructing the Englishman.


LETTER No. 59.—T. Subba Row—the Rishi M.’s system of training—the first three initiations; K.H.’s comment.


LETTER No. 60.—Subba Row and Chela training—initiated Brahmin and Hume—the Genius of Pride


Letters Nos. 59 and 60 must be considered together, as they are actually not two letters but one. Letter No. 59 consists of extracts from a letter from T. Subba Row to the Mahatma M. concerning instructions to A. P. Sinnett. Sinnett had written to Subba Row and the latter had forwarded the letter on to the Mahatma M. with these comments. The Mahatma K.H. has extracted them from Subba Row’s letter for Sinnett’s benefit, since apparently he thinks the Mahatma M. may not give the letter immediate attention.


LETTER No. 61.—Natural seers and clairvoyance—5th round men—the Buddha a 6th round man—his future incarnations—Buddha overshadowed some chosen individuals—sex a mere accident of birth, guided by Karma; The superior glasses—course of higher Nature’s law—peoples of India belong to oldest branchlet of the 5th human race—“Ernests” and “Joeys” and soulless mediums; Subba Row’s reverence for H.P.B.


This letter is a resumption of the technical teachings in Question & Answer form on the doctrine of the Rounds and Races, Globes, Chains, etc. It will be remembered that there was no clear definition of terms at this time, which may possibly lead to some confusion in trying to understand. In Sinnett’s book, Esoteric Buddhism, the concepts are presented. Later books also deal with them, especially H.P.B.’s The Secret Doctrine.


26th December 2009 3 p.m.*

Triple Occasion
2009 Annual General Meeting

Come to this important Annual General Meeting, elect the new executive committee and help make decisions to guide us through the new year. The AGM will be followed immediately by the Christmas and Year-end celebration. 

Christmas & Year-end Party

Once again, in the true Christmas spirit of giving and sharing, we shall have our fabulous Christmas and Year-end pot-luck party. Let us all contribute to the success of the party. Bring whatever you like, provided it is vegetarian (without egg, please).


Tuesday, 29th December 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letters No. 62 to 64


Again several letters should be considered together. Letter No. 61 is a Question & Answer letter; No. 62 is called “Appendix” and contains some comments referred to by the Mahatma in his answers in No. 62 as “Appendix” No. I, II, and III. These are elaborations on the answers he has given in No. 61. Letter No. 63 is actually not a separate letter but a continuation of No. 62 which became separated. These two letters constitute a resumption of the technical teachings. It will be remembered that there was no clear definition of terms at this time, which may possibly lead to some confusion in trying to understand.


LETTER No. 62.—The evolutionary journey of the monad—7 ramifications of the 7 races—man passes through all 7 times—Manvantaric chains existing in and out of our Solar System; Man’s earth cycle the counterpart of great cycle—mistakes of Anthropologists—Pritchard nearest the mark— the test of true progress; The present 5th human race began in Central Asia over one million years ago—Occult Science a jealous mistress—fatal to ordinary course of marriage.

Letters 62 is the Appendix referred to in Letter 61. It has three sections, referred to as Appendix I, II & III. The Appendix is a resumption of the teachings on the Doctrine of Cycles regarding Rounds, Races and Sub-Races


LETTER No. 63.—Preparation and training of Eglinton—the “Vega experiment”—bigotry and blindness of the Spiritualists—professional mediums—Hume has great possibilities in front of him—reviewing The Perfect Way— attracting the Chohan’s attention and its significance.

This letter is a continuation of Letter 62.


LETTER No. 64.—From T. Subba Row. Sinnett gives qualified consent—impossible to give him practical instruction—rules inflexible—the sacrifices demanded by Occult Science—acquisition of psychic powers not the object of occult training—they alone will never secure immortality; The true aim of Occult Science—prepared to give theoretical instruction only.

This is another letter from T. Subba Row to A. P. Sinnett to prepare him for occult training


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