2009 October Programme

3rd October 2009  5 p.m.


Bro. Choong Chi Pin continues his book study of Gayatri by I. K. Taimni. In this instalment, we examine four component mantras called Bhuta_suddhi mantra, which constitutes one of the finest sets existing in the literature connected with the technique of worship. They embody within a few words the essence by which the individual Monad realizes its oneness with the Supreme Spirit.


Tuesday, 6th October 2009   

Mahatma Letters Study Class

No class this week. Class resumes on 13 October


10th October 2009  5 p.m.


In her writings, Madame H. P. Blavatsky made numerous references to Freemasonry and the hidden truths behind many Masonic traditions. Our Vice President, Bro. Kam Chai Heng, a 32° mason himself, will talk on what is and what is not Freemasonry.


Tuesday, 13th October 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letters No. 38 - 41 & LBS-156


LETTER No. 38.—From Stainton Moses to Sinnett. S.M. is puzzled—says Brothers are mistaken in regard to him; His guide Imperator—documentary evidence of communications, etc.—Imperator knows nothing of the Lodge or Brotherhood; S.M.’s guide his own sixth principle—finds spiritualism and occultism incompatible; Comment by K.H. What is a “Brother”?—can be ignorant of many things—not so with an omniscient Planetary Spirit—Russian child medium—Jesus and John the Baptist—Jesus a spiritual abstraction—Mrs. Kingsford converses with “God”—receives a written communication from a dog.

LETTER No. 39.—A.P.S. advised to act on his own judgment—Occult influences.

LETTER No. 40.—A Ladakhee Chela.

LETTER No. 41.—K.H. and a séance

17th October 2009   

Public Holiday - Deepavali

Lodge closed for Deepavali holiday.


Tuesday, 20th October 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letter No. 42 to 43 & LBS-200 & LBS-207


LETTER No. 42.—“My impatient friend”—M.’s attitude—an Adept’s duty not controlled by social affections; Sinnett forced himself on K.H.—no right to influence one who is not a Chela—Sinnett the victim of Maya—Hume’s selfishness—the personality and the Ego; Bennett superior to many in spite of unpolished exterior—K.H.’s attitude to Bennett—Jesus, and Magdalene—the inner man alone counts with the Mahatmas—friendly confidences; The dangers of phenomena—wisdom gives all things in time—food for the mind must be assimilated slowly.

LETTER No. 43.—M. repeats that no regular instruction is possible—much that can be done with K.H.’s help; Hume disinclined to disabuse public mind—a solitary pearl is soon out-shone in a heap of false diamonds—the trials of earth life—their conquest—“fuller introduction into the mysteries depends on yourself”


24th October 2009  5 p.m.*

The World of Religious Beliefs and Practices: Taoism

One in a series of programs exploring the religions of the world, this program looks at the key features of Taoism.

This programme is for members only.


24th October 2009  6 p.m.

Deepavali Celebration

Our Hindu members have kindly organized a Deepavali celebration after the above program for the benefit of all members.


Tuesday, 27th October 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

LBS-Appendix II


Cosmological Notes from A.P. Sinnett's MS. Book

Commencement of metaphysical teachings by the Mahatmas. Questions on cosmology put by A. P. Sinnett and A. O. Hume were answered by the Master M. in this lengthy document.


31st October 2009  5 p.m.

The Inner Life

Bro. Kam Chai Heng continues his book study of “The Inner Life” by C. W. Leadbeater. He will be completing the last chapter, The Spheres, of the Fourth Section, The Higher Planes and commencing on the Fifth Section, The Ego and his Vehicles with the chapter on The Ego and the Personality.


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