2009 November Programme

Tuesday, 3rd November 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letter No. 44


Cosmological Notes and Queries from A.P. Sinnett with Answers from Mahatma M.

Commencement of metaphysical teachings by the Mahatmas. Questions on cosmology put by A. P. Sinnett were answered by the Master M. in this interesting letter.


7th November 2009  5 p.m.

Public Invitational Programme
Theosophy for Everyone

The science of life and the philosophy of living—a 52 min. video made by The Blavatsky Trust specifically to explain what Theosophy is—and isn’t—its origins in the ageless wisdoms, and how it survived suppression and distortion to blossom anew as modern Theosophy.


Tuesday, 10th November 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letters No. 45 & 46


Part of Letter 45 is concerned with the medium William Eglinton, whom the Mahatma here terms “the poor sensitive lad.” Eglinton seems to have been a fine medium; it was said that he never resorted to trickery. He had, however, a number of personal weaknesses. It may be remembered that there was some indication that the Mahatma K. H. had considered bringing him to Simla for a series of training so that he could be used in their work, but after Eglinton arrived in Calcutta, the Master decided against this.


In all probability, Letter 46 grew out of Letter No. 44 (ML-13) which consisted of questions by Sinnett and answers by the Mahatma M, and is labeled by Sinnett “Cosmological Notes.”


14th November 2009  4:30 p.m.

Public Invitational Programme
Reincarnation—Fact or Fallacy?

An illustrated talk by Lily Chong giving a comprehensive look at Reincarnation from both the occult tradition as well as the scientific viewpoint. The scientific research by Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia will be discussed together with theosophical explanations. If you have friends who do not believe in reincarnation please do bring them along to this talk.


Tuesday, 17th November 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letter No. 47


LETTER No. 47.—This is the first letter received by A. P. Sinnett from Master K. H. after the latter’s return from his retreat. He had been out of correspondence for about three months, during which time Master M had been filling in for him with the correspondence.


The careful student of the Mahatma Letters will note a decided change in Master K. H.’s correspondence from this time on. He evidently had gone through a momentous time in his life, advancing a stage in his evolution and assuming the duties of a Chohan of his ray. We see a deeper aspect to his nature, a wider vista and added responsibility. As he says in his opening sentence, ‘I have been on a long journey after supreme knowledge...’ Meaning a journey in consciousness, not in distance.


21st November 2009 5 p.m.*

Foundation Day Celebration

We celebrate the 134th anniversary of the founding of The Theosophical Society on November 17, 1875 by Madame H. P. Blavatsky and Col. H. S. Olcott. Come and rejoice with us on this auspicious occasion.



23rd November 2009

7 p.m.

Commencement of the 30th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 1: The Different Planes of Nature


Knowing the different planes of nature; the different bodies of man and the different vehicles of consciousness.


Tuesday, 24th November 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letters No. 48, 49 & LBS-195 & LBS-206



LETTER No. 48.—Evidently the letter is in reply to a letter from Sinnett addressed to the Mahatma M. before Sinnett realized that the Mahatma K. H. was again ready to resume correspondence. Much in this letter seems obscure because we do not have Sinnett’s comments to which the letter is in reply.

LETTER No. 49.—This was the second letter to be received by A. P. Sinnett after Mahatma K. H.’s ‘retreat’. Refer to Letter 38, a letter from Stainton Moses in which the Mahatma KH inserted some comments. In those comments, appended at the end of Moses’s letter, the Mahatma said: ‘My letter is private. You may use the arguments but not my authority or name.’ In those notes it was mentioned that the Mahatma was referring to a letter which he was writing, or had written, but which Sinnett had not yet received. This is that letter. The fact that it is dated as received on March 3 strengthens the suggestion that the Mahatma’s comments on Moses’s letter were written late in February or very early in March. As a matter of fact, its length indicates that it may have taken several days to write. And at the end of this letter, he warns Sinnett: ‘And now need I remind you that this letter is strictly private?’



26th November 2009

7 p.m.

30th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 2: Man’s Evolution


A discourse on evolution; where we come from and where we are going to; the Law of Karma; Reincarnation as a process of evolution.



28th November 2009

3 p.m.

30th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 3: Death & After


Putting death in its rightful place as a function of evolution. A discourse on the life after death and the harm of mourning for the dead.



30th November 2009

7 p.m.

30th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 4: The Astral Plane


This is a continuation of the lecture on death and after. A general description of the Astral Plane and its inhabitants will be covered. We shall also discuss man’s activities when the physical body is asleep and when he sheds his physical body at death. We will also talk about ghosts and other phenomena.



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