2009 April Programme

4th April 2009 4 p.m.*

Chakras, Prana & Kundalini

The president, Chong Sanne, talks to members on the significance and development of the Force Centres, Vitality, the Serpent Fire and the powers latent in man.


Note: This programme is restricted to members only. Also note change in time.


11th April 2009 5 p.m.*

The Mahatmas and Their Letters

This documentary with Steve Schweizer, Ed Abdill, Joy Mills and Ianthe Hoskins takes a fascinating look at events surrounding mysterious documents from the 19th Century commonly referred to as the “Mahatma Letters,” and their impact on Western esoteric philosophy. This programme serves as a prelude to the Mahatma Letters Study Class commencing next month.


Note: This programme is restricted to members only


18th April 2009  5 p.m.


Bro. Choong Chi Pin continues his book study of Gayatri by I. K. Taimni. The eternal consciousness of the Supreme is everywhere beating all the time against the walls of our mind. It is only the non-receptivity of our vehicles which prevents them from bringing this consciousness partially down into the lower planes. Mantra Yoga is one of the many methods by which all the vehicles can be purified and harmonized so that they can be tuned to the higher states of consciousness with all their beauty, wisdom, peace and bliss.


25th April 2009  5 p.m.

The Inner Life

Bro. Kam Chai Heng continues his book study of “The Inner Life” by C. W. Leadbeater. He will be finishing the First Section on The Great Ones and the way to Them and starting on the Second Section on Religion.



27th April 2009

7 p.m.

Commencement of the 29th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 1: The Different Planes of Nature


Knowing the different planes of nature; the different bodies of man and the different vehicles of consciousness.



29th April 2009

7 p.m.

29th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 2: Man’s Evolution


A discourse on evolution; where we come from and where we are going to; the Law of Karma; Reincarnation as a process of evolution.


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