2009 May Programme


1st May 2009

7 p.m.

29th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 3: Death & After


Putting death in its rightful place as a function of evolution. A discourse on the life after death and the harm of mourning for the dead.


2nd May 2009  

No Lodge Meeting

There will be no lodge meeting this week as the auditorium will be used for the 4th lecture, The Astral Plane, of the 29th edition of A Course in Theosophy



2nd May 2009

3 p.m.

29th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 4: The Astral Plane


This is a continuation of the lecture on death and after. A general description of the Astral Plane and its inhabitants will be covered. We shall also discuss man’s activities when the physical body is asleep and when he sheds his physical body at death. We will also talk about ghosts and other phenomena.




4th May 2009

7 p.m.

29th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 5: The Mental Plane


We will be talking about both the higher and the lower mental planes. This is a continuation of the lectures on death and after and the astral plane. A short description of the heaven world and its inhabitants will be covered. Does everyone go to heaven? We shall soon find out.


The Mental Plane is also the realm of the Mind, i.e. the plane where thought arises. We will discuss further the subject of elemental kingdoms and the elemental essence that ensoul thoughts. Hence, this lecture serves as an introduction to 'thought-forms', one of the most important aspects of nature. This lecture is useful, if not a prerequisite for the 6th lecture on 'Thought-Forms'.



6 May 2009

7 p.m.

29th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 6: Thought-Forms


This is probably the most important lecture in the whole course as knowledge of thought-forms will help us conduct ourselves better and live a life in harmony with nature. The lecture will include the following: What are thought-forms? How your thoughts affect others, near or far from you. The virtue of having the right thoughts and the consequences of bad thoughts.



8 May 2009

7 p.m.

29th A Course in Theosophy

Conclusion of the 29th A Course in Theosophy

Lecture 7: The Noble Eightfold Path


The subject of this last lecture is on 'The Noble Eightfold Path'. This lecture gives the guidelines on how to quicken the evolutionary pace; the perfection of virtues and the ideals of right living. We will talk about how to live the life of a true theosophist and finding peace and joy in the process, in other words, the application of theosophical knowledge. This last lecture wraps up A Course in Theosophy.


Saturday, 9th May 2009 11 a.m.*

The Wesak Festival

This is an annual talk on esoteric Buddhism and the Great Wesak Blessing, including a video of ordinary pilgrims at the Wesak Valley. Members are invited to celebrate Wesak Day at the Lodge. Read about the Great Wesak Blessing and the Wesak Festival in the May 2009 newsletter.


16th May 2009  5 p.m.


Bro. Choong Chi Pin continues his book study of Gayatri by I. K. Taimni. The Gayatri Mantra has been translated in many ways. This talk examines these different translations and shows how divergent are the views held by scholars with regards to its significance.


Tuesday, 19th May 2009  7 p.m.*

Premiere of the Mahatma Letters Study Class


Commencement of the study class on the Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett.


23rd May 2009  5 p.m.

Introduction to Abhidhamma

The Sutta (Discourse), the Vinaya (Rules of Discipline) and the Abhidhamma (Psychology and Philosophy) constitute the Three Baskets of BuddhismBro. S. B. Lee gives an introductory talk on Abhidhamma which deals with mind, thoughts, thought-processes, and mental properties.  This talk will focus on Tranquility and Insight Meditation.


Tuesday, 26th May 2009  7 p.m.*

Mahatma Letters Study Class

Letter No. 1

A study of the first letter to A.P. Sinnett, including a discussion of the pink note, the cup and the brooch phenomena.


30th May 2009  5 p.m.

The Inner Life

Bro. Kam Chai Heng continues his book study of “The Inner Life” by C. W. Leadbeater. He will be starting on the Second Section on Religion.


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